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Kiosk System

You can now offer your employees their own convenience store in your place of business! Micro Markets offers a healthy, convenient and efficient solution for you break room needs.



Micro Markets Anaheim

Continental Vending’s Avanti Markets are equipped with modern security systems to deter theft, helping to avoid product shrinkage. All credit- and debit-card payments are encrypted and transmitted securely.

Kiosk hardware is equipped with components that offer reliability, familiarity and serviceability. ReadyTouch™ software is built on an enterprise-class framework, helping to ensure the security of each transaction. Every component contained in the kiosks is key-lock secured. No keyboards, USB or other access points are externally exposed.


It's Simple…It's Safe…It's Easy

With these security measures in place, we have experienced negligible instances of theft. This is supported by the clearly marked signs throughout the markets, reminding shoppers they are on camera.

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