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Kiosk System

You can now offer Offer your employees their own convenience store in your place of business! Micro markets offer a healthy, convenient and efficient solution for your break room needs.


Avanti Markets

Micro Markets Anaheim

Continental Vending’s Avanti Market offering gives businesses the ability to put a full-service convenience store right in their offices. Complete with efficient coolers, attractive fixtures, self-checkout kiosks and a full security system, Avanti Markets go beyond what one would typically expect from vending. The result is better selection, happier employees and a more productive operation.

The Avanti Market concept allows for hundreds of product options, including healthier, nutritious choices and fresh food options. Each market is specifically designed to match each unique workplace, and the selection of products is completely customizable.

Employees love the ability to touch and feel products, and view nutritional content, before buying. Facility managers love the fact that these stores run themselves, with no loss of money or refund hassles and virtually no service calls.



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