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Vending Machines Anaheim

Continental Vending’s premiere vending service delivers a complete offering of quality, brand-name beverages. This includes everything from soft drinks, such as Coke and Pepsi products, to sports and energy drinks, to hot beverages, including coffees, cappuccinos and teas.

Our hot beverage vending machines dispense in both 8.5- and 12-ounce cups, and allow for flavoring beverages as they’re brewed. With product options including regular, premium, gourmet and international coffee flavors — and teas and hot chocolates — these machines make it easier for employees to get the daily pick-me-up of their choice without ever leaving the office. From the employer standpoint, this means less time with people out of the office and more time being productive.

  • Generic machines are available, allowing customers to select any mix of brands and healthier beverage alternatives in one machine.
  • All beverage selections are completely customizable.
  • Unique vending agreements available, such as subsidized and “free” vending arrangements.

We offer a wide selection of both non-carbonated and carbonated beverages


Continental supplies, installs and maintains modern, reliable equipment
including snack, push button, food, coffee and glassfront vending machines.


Looking for a Non-Carbonated Beverage?


All products are vended by the most modern, state-of-the-art vending machines with unique features to offer the highest level of convenience and performance. Energy Star GREEN machines automatically power down into sleep mode when not in use, which results in less energy consumption and less impact on an organization’s bottom line. Card acceptors give customers multiple payment options.

We do everything possible to deliver a reliable, uninterrupted beverage vending service. This includes installing and maintaining all machines and monitoring them for proper performance. We regularly clean the machines, thoroughly washing the inside and outside to ensure all beverages are clean and ready-to-drink upon dispensing.

Hot Beverages Vending Machine

Hot beverage machines dispense coffee, decaf, international flavored coffees, whipped chocolate, cappuccinos, and hot water for those tea and hot soup drinkers. Continental's hot beverage machines are efficient, clean and modern with no mess or clean up. We offer both 8.5 oz and 12 oz options at terrific prices. Continental will be happy to customize your coffee vending so it truly appeals to your employees and customers. Consider offering "free vend" on just coffee or the entire machine, for your staff to enjoy!


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