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Vending Machines Anaheim

Continental Vending specializes in offering fresh food items to its customers.

We deliver a wide variety of fresh foods; from breads and croissants, to sandwiches and wraps, to salads, veggie plates, and burritos.

All of our commissary chefs start with fresh, raw ingredients, which result in better tasting, healthier foods. All food is made daily by FDA approved facilities that are regularly inspected by the USDA. We are also willing to customize items to meet the needs of our customers.






We Offer a Variety of Fresh and Frozen Food for You to Enjoy!


As with our other vending services, food vending machines exemplify the most reliable, state-of-the-art technologies available. We stock and inspect them regularly to keep the selections fresh and to ensure our machines are working properly.

Our food delivery trucks are refrigerated to further ensure freshness. No products are ever stored on our trucks overnight. Our delivery trucks are custom built, they are plugged in at the warehouse overnight, which means our trucks are already at their ideal temperature when loaded for deliveries in the morning, which adds yet another fresh advantage to our vending services.

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