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Your Free Vend area gives one less reason for employees to leave the office during the work day. You enjoy higher productivity and greater returns.


Free Vend

Vending Service Anaheim

Continental Vending creates a vending program that works best for its customers. This includes our unique Free Vend setup.

Free Vend is exactly how it sounds. All snacks, beverages and foods are available to employees for free...or a low an extra fringe benefit. Employees will love the lure of free snacks and foods, and managers will love the extra productivity generated by keeping people in the office for lunch.

Our Free Vend program offers a wider array of products, as well. Employees are free to sample items before selecting.

Typically used in an open-air vending arrangement, Free Vend locations include attractive open coolers, racks and other amenities that work best with the concept. This program is also available with our traditional vending machine services and coffee services.


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