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Supplying vending throughout Southern California for over fifty years, Continental Vending maintains premium service and happy customers by continually keeping a close eye on every customers need. Continental prides itself on its responsiveness and attention to every detail.


Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service Industry

Vending Machines IndustryContinental Vending has been the service leader for vending machines, coffee service and water needs in Industry and surrounding areas since 1961!

In Industry, you have a wide selection of vending machines and quality products to fill them with. We have Coca Cola vending machines, Pepsi Cola vending machines, candy vending machines, food vending machines (hot, cold or frozen), and snack vending machines, vending machines with healthy food and beverage alternatives and vending machines with sport and energy drinks. There are also vending machines with hot beverages such as coffee and tea. Your Industry employees will find something they like to keep them going without leaving the building to satisfy their food and beverage needs!

As a full service vending company, we also offer Avanti Markets and give you the option of traditional vending, subsidized vending and free vending benefits for your employees.

Our coffee service by Continental Vending in Industry just can’t be beat! We have all kinds of name brand coffees, flavored teas and all the items that go with them to make great hot or cold beverages to give your Industry employees the jolt they need to stay focused. We provide brewing equipment, including single cup brewers, filters, cups, creamers, sweeteners, napkins and stir sticks, kept fully stocked in your break room for your immediate use. No more wasted time running to the local coffee shop!
Your water needs in Industry can be handled by Continental Vending also. Five gallon water bottle delivery or water filtration can be provided by Continental Vending.

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