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Supplying vending throughout Southern California for over fifty years, Continental Vending maintains premium service and happy customers by continually keeping a close eye on every customers need. Continental prides itself on its responsiveness and attention to every detail.


Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service Mira Loma

Vending Machines Mira LomaMira Loma, let Continental Vending pump up your employees and get them refreshed and back to work in a flash with coffee services, full service vending services or water delivery service in Mira Loma.

It is a proven fact; employees that can find quality foods or beverages without leaving the office are more productive and waste less time on breaks. We install, maintain and keep your Mira Loma vending machines filled – FOR FREE!

The choices available might just be the hardest part of this decision! Continental Vending has vending machines for your Mira Loma location with Pepsi Cola products, Coca Cola products, healthy drink and food vending machines, sport and energy drinks as well as juices in vending machines, snack vending machines, coffee vending machines, vending machines with non-carbonated and carbonated beverages, and vending machines with hot and/or cold food selections. Name brand products that your employees in Mira Loma know and trust for great taste and freshness in every gulp or bite!

Our coffee services in Mira Loma kick it a step farther when it comes to keeping your employees going! Coffee is the king when it comes to beverages that get employees alert and refocused on their jobs. Let Continental Vending take over the break room in your Mira Loma business and get ready for the flood of appreciative compliments that will follow! Huge selection of great coffee, teas and even hot chocolate as well as cups, napkins, creamers, stir sticks, sweeteners and brewing equipment can be taken care of by Continental Vending! Single cup brewers or traditional brewers are available, and with everything else, you choose what the best fit for your business is!

Water is an absolute necessity in any business. Your Mira Loma business can choose to have us handle your water needs also. We have two options for water in Mira Loma: five gallon water bottles delivered or water filtration added to your existing water source. No matter which you choose, we will take care of you with our award winning customer service every step of the way!

Call (714) 777-9200 and get a jump on the competition today!


Office Coffee Service Mira Loma