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Supplying vending throughout Southern California for over fifty years, Continental Vending maintains premium service and happy customers by continually keeping a close eye on every customers need. Continental prides itself on its responsiveness and attention to every detail.


Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service South Bay

Vending Machines South BaySouth Bay, get ready to increase the positive attitudes of your workforce and increase productivity with no upfront costs when you have Continental Vending take care of your vending machine needs.

Electricity is all it takes, and with our energy efficient vending machines the benefits outweigh the small amount that the electricity will cost. How? Your employees get the refreshments they need to stay focused, and because they do not have to leave your South Bay office to do so, they are energized and back at work in next to no time. They are happy, you are happy, and more work gets done.

In South Bay, you can choose from a host of quality vending products:
Coca Cola products, Pepsi Cola products, hot and cold food vending machines, candy vending machines, snack vending machines, coffee vending machines, vending machines with healthy choices and energy and sport drinks. You choose what your office in South Bay has in their vending machines. We install them, fill them and keep them full at no charge to you. We even clean and service them each time we are at your site. Our award winning customer service is one of the key reasons we have been in business since 1961!
Coffee service is also available in South Bay:

Single cup brewers, pour over pots and air pots are a few of our equipment offerings in South Bay. We have everything a break room could need for a great cup of coffee. Coffee is one of the most important beverages you have in your office to stimulate your employees and keep them at their tasks. Let us keep the break room filled with coffees, flavored teas, filters, cups, sweeteners and creamers. The selection will awe your employees, and they will appreciate the changes in your South Bay break room when Continental Vending takes over the chore!

Water delivery in South Bay:

We handle the water needs in the South Bay also with water filtration installation or delivery of five gallon water bottles. Either way, check off water needs on your office list of things to deal with - we’ve got it handled!

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Office Coffee Service South Bay