Vending Machines Anaheim



At Continental Vending we utilize specialized technologies for inventory control and management. These advanced tools keep our customers happier by enabling us to be more efficient in all aspects of our operation.



Vending Machines Anaheim

Continental Vending offers the most advanced, state-of-the-art vending technology in the industry. This includes machines with a multitude of features that help us provide a better service and overall improved vending experience to our customers.

Common features one will find with our equipment include Light Speed Pre-Picking. This technology allows us to see which products are needed at each service location before we ever leave our facility. This makes for more efficient delivery routes and helps avoid products from ever being completely out of stock. Advanced handheld technology lets us monitor each machine’s sales, allowing for better inventory decisions for each unique customer.


Guarantee Product Delivery System

Golden Eye Guarantee Product Delivery is an infrared technology found on our machines that ensures a purchased item is vended, or money is refunded immediately. No need to shake machines or to fill out slips for money owed or lost.

Cashless Vending

Our vending machines accept credit cards, coins, large bills or electronic wallet, allowing customers to pay any way.


To maximize efficiency, all machines are Energy Star efficient with LED lighting. Machines are temperature controlled to ensure longer lasting product, while keeping energy expenses to a minimum.

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