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Continental Vending not only works with each customer to customize the appropriate selection of vending services, but we also design flexible vending agreements.

Every new vending agreement begins with a sales representative sitting down with the customer, discussing what services are needed and determining which agreement structure makes the most sense. The following are some of the most popular vending agreements we offer:


Here are Continental Vending's most popular options:

    This is the service most expect from a vending provider. The employee or customer simply pays the entire product price when selecting any item.
    If one is looking to deliver an extra fringe benefit to employees, this is a popular option. With subsidized vending, the company hosting the vending program pays for a portion of the product cost, and the employee pays a lesser amount.
    This is the ultimate benefit for employees. This is where the company agrees to pay for all vending product costs and the employees pay nothing. This is a growing trend among employers as keeping people in the office also equates to greater productivity. We make it easy for the client by simply providing an invoice at the end of each month for the items sold.

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