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Fresh Food

We have many fresh options like salads, veggie plates, breads, croissants, sandwiches, wraps, and burritos, which are transported in refrigerated food delivery trucks to ensure freshness.

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Healthy Choices →

We are committed to offering healthier choices with our Healthy Wellness Program. We also participate in the Fit Pick program in association with NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Association).

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Free Installation

We install all machines at no charge to our customers. In the event of any service issues, our quick response times help ensure that any program interruptions are kept to a minimum.

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Flexible Agreements

Every new vending agreement begins with a sales representative sitting down with the customer, discussing what services are needed and determining which agreement structure makes the most sense.

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Rewards & Promotions

We offer monthly promotions and loyalty rewards programs through USConnect® for your employees.

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Light Speed Pre-Kitting

We use Light Speed Pre-Kitting to see which products need restocking. We can also monitor each machine’s sales, giving you invaluable inventory data.

Icon of a vending machine with a coin being dispensed.

Guaranteed Vend Device

A Guaranteed Vend Device is an infrared technology found on our machines that ensures a purchased item is vended, or money is refunded immediately.

Icon of a hand paying with a credit card.

Cashless Vending

Our vending machines accept credit cards, coins, large bills, or electronic wallets, allowing customers the convenience to pay any way.

Light Speed

  • Allows us to see which products are needed at each service location before we even leave our facility.
  • Makes for more efficient delivery routes.
  • Helps ensure products do not become out of stock.
  • Advanced handheld technology lets us monitor each machine’s sales, allowing for better inventory decisions for each unique customer.
  • We are a proud affiliate of USConnect® offering monthly promotions and a loyalty rewards program to your employees.
  • With a USConnectMe account you will be rewarded with every purchase you make.
  • You will earn points with each purchase, which can be used on a selection of products at any USConnect® vending machine or micro market.